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This is not how you manage web projects

Chris Roane on the SitePoint site has written a piece entitled "14 Ways to Be the World’s Worst Web Project Manager"

His 14 points include:

  • Let Interruptions Dictate Your Schedule
  • Don’t Communicate Clearly with Your Clients
  • Keep Your Clients Guessing
  • If You’re Not Going to Meet a Deadline, Don’t Tell the Client
  • Always Underestimate the Resources Needed for a Project
  • If a Client is Being Rude, Respond in Kind
  • Never Admit to Making a Mistake
  • Shift Blame to Someone on Your Team
  • Spend Very Little Time Writing Emails
  • Don’t Get to Know Your Team
  • Assume Your Team is on Schedule
  • Don’t Create a System to Remind You to Contact Clients
  • Come into Meetings Ill-prepared

Read in full Chris’s article: 14 Ways to Be the World’s Worst Web Project Manager.