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Designing great dashboards – part 3 now available

Further to my post a few weeks back on Designing great dashboards parts 1 and 2 from Juice Analytics, part 3 is now available.

"The third part of our dashboard design guide provides practical tips for putting information on the page in a way that communicates effectively to your audience…"

To register please visit http://www.juiceanalytics.com/registration/dashboard_design/


Designing Great Dashboards

Juice Analytics has published a 3 part book called “A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use“. To register to receive a copy, visit Juice Analytics and sign up.

To quote an introductory paragraph from the document:

This document will approach dashboard design in a holistic way, beginning with general goals and evolving to specific data presentation. Part 1: Foundation will help you identify your target audience, understand what type of dashboard you want to create and why it is valuable to your organization. It concludes with guidance regarding how to focus your message on the information and metrics that matter. Part 2: Structure will get you started on designing your dashboard, including what form it should take, how to arrange for audience understanding, and what navigation, interactions, and capabilities will make the dashboard useful and engaging. Finally, Part 3: Information Design dives into the details of interface and information design. You will learn how to lay out your dashboard and best practices for charting and data presentation.

Parts 1 and 2 are now available – part 3 is not far away…..