Google AdWords Seminars for Success in Melbourne: 22 and 23 April 2010

Topics covered include:

  • AdWords Basics: Discover the best ways to organise your campaigns and learn common search marketing lingo.
  • Keywords: Discover the keyword strategies that achieve the best results for your spend.
  • Tracking Results: Learn to identify ads and keywords that really work and to improve those that don’t.
  • New AdWords Interface: How to effectively use the new interface to save time and improve results.

Pricing for each day includes GST, seminar slides on a USB thumb drive, manual, Wi-Fi, lunch, $50 AdWords advertising credit and Google goodies.

  • Day 1 – AdWords: $499
  • Day 2 – AdWords Advanced: $499
  • Save Money! Two-day seminar package: $898

Go to for details

or contact :

Michael Mangold for assistance with questions, bookings and invoicing, phone 02 9960 6577 email


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