Free tools you can use to do Keyword Research – Part 3 – Other tools

This is Part 3 of my series of tools you can use for Keyword Research. In part 1 of this series, I looked at free tools which Google offers. In Part 2, I looked at the tools available as add-ons to the Firefox Web Browser. In Part 3, I have listed a number of tools you can access on the web which are not provided by Google.

17. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – This tools uses the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool. If you sign up for a Wordtracker account they offer many additional keyword research features and tools that are lacking in this keyword tool.

18. WordTracker – offers a free 7 day trial – but you need to sign up first.

19. Lexical FreeNet Connected thesaurus – This program allows you to search for relationships between words, concepts, and people. You can also use this for your SEO keyword research projects.

20. Keyword Discovery (offers a free trial) compiles keyword search statistics from all the major search engines world wide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool.

21. What’s the Buzz – a keyword research tool to find out who’s talking about a certain keyword by displaying the Technorati Blog Popularity Chart, the Google Trends chart, blog posts tagged with or containing the keyword, and social bookmarks tagged with the keywords.

23. iWebTool – Keyword Suggestions – This tool will display up to 10 popular keywords matching your initial keyword using Google, Yahoo and MSN

22. KW Map – a keyword map for the whole internet. Below is an example of the keyword phrases you can discover for "Global Warming".

Keyword Map showing terms related to global warming

Keyword Map list showing terms related to global warming

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  1. Thank you for the very nice post. Keyword research is one of my favorite topics. I’ll bookmark your Blog and drop by here I think. Keep up the great work.


  2. Great,thanks! keep the good job you doing here!

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