New updated quick reference guides for Accessibility

WebAIM has updated and released their quick reference guides for testing web content and web accessibility principles. Following these guides will help make your websites more accessible and also help search engines index your content.

The Testing Web Content for Accessibility Quick Reference Guide covers:

1. Human Checks:

  • Use a checklist;
  • Disable styles and linearize tables;
  • Check alternative text;
  • Verify color and contrast;
  • Test content scaling;
  • Check keyboard accessibility;
  • Evaluate form accessibility and usability;
  • Test with a screen reader;
  • Valid HTML and CSS.

2. Testing with WAVE:

  • About WAVE;
  • Using WAVE;
  • WAVE Icons;
  • Report Views.

The Web Accessibility Principles Quick Reference Guide covers:

  • Principles of Accessibility;
  • Provide appropriate alternative text;
  • Content is well structured and clearly written;
  • Help users navigate to relevant content;
  • Provide headers for data tables;
  • Do not rely on color alone to convey meaning;
  • Ensure users can complete and submit all forms;
  • Ensure links make sense out of context;
  • Caption and/or provide transcripts for media;
  • Ensure accessibility of non-HTML content;
  • Miscellaneous.

WebAIM also provide a Screen Reader Simulation which shows you what it is like to use a screen reader and their Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE). WAVE also comes with the free WAVE Toolbar for the Firefox Browser.

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