How to make Powerpoint Presentations Accessible on the Web

I was asked whether powerpoint presentations would be accessible on the web. From what I have researched the short answer is no! So I have put together some resources below to assist you in making powerpoint accessible on the web.

Web accessibility for all has produced some useful tutorials on how to make powerpoint presentations accessible on the web.

Adobe has created some useful tips in their Building an Accessible Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation article – including:

  • Add text equivalents to all images
  • Limit use of animations and transitions
  • If animations are used, ensure that they remain accessible
  • Use the Notes panel to include text transcripts of audio tracks

Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM) have also some useful guidelines in their article Powerpoint Accessibility. This boils down to provide an HTML equivalent!

The The National Center on Disability and Access to Education has produced: NCDAE Tips and Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint to kick of the discussion of accessibility and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please comment and add other resources which will be helpful to make Powerpoint presentations accessible on the web.


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