Do you Woopra?

What on earth is Woopra? Woopra is a comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. And it’s free! It provides: Live Tracking and Web Statistics; Rich User Interface; Real-time Analytics; Manage Multiple Blogs and Websites; Deep Analytic and Search Capabilities; Click-to-Chat; Visitor and Member Tagging; Real Time Notifications; Easy Installation and Update Notification and Developer Tools.

This is live stats – see it as it is happening on your website!

The Woopra interface installs onto your computer as a desktop client and it was very easy to install.

Currently, Woopra is in beta testing phase (version 1.2 beta) with access only available by private invitation. You can request an invitation by signing up for Woopra, and notification of approval will be by email. This is what I did

I had to wait a few weeks until yesterday when my Woopra request was approved. I then downloaded a tiny piece of javascript code and stuck it in the footer of the site and now I am Woopraing!

Woopra desktop client interface


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